METREL αναλυτής μετρήσεων και πιστοποίησης απόδοσης Φ/Β 1500V DC, 20A

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Ο νέος MI 3115 PV Analyser

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The best tester for P/V installations!

The MI 3115 PV Analyser offers testing in accordance with the IEC 62446 standard and supports all category 1 and category 2 tests and measurements. Like insulation resistance measurements of PV strings, polarity test, I/U characteristic measurements, and the conversion of measured values to STC values and comparison with nominal values given by the PV modules manufacturers. The irradiation and cell temperature are measured in real time with the wireless remote unit. Additionally, category 1 tests are collected in one auto test, which enables the user to perform all the desired tests with a single touch of the start button.

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Βάρος 6,8 kg
Διαστάσεις 42 × 33 × 18 cm

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